We have a true passion for security.


Our People 
'Businesses are only as good as their product or service' and at Island Events our people are both!

That’s why we only hire those with the best quality and highest capability. Each employee goes through rigorous checks and security protocols as well as Island Events own quality evaluation before becoming a member of the team.

Management Team
Island Events also benefits from having a management team who hold a wealth of experience and knowledge, both practical and academic. Between them they offer a combined total of over 30 years in the security industry and a variety of roles including security, stewarding and safety throughout the UK and Ireland. In addition they are also highly qualified after completing postgraduate courses in crowd safety & event management at the University of Derby, Manchester Metropolitan University & The Emergency Planning College. 

Safe Hands
All of our staff are trained to the highest industry standard as well as holding experience and training from a variety of  different security roles. This ensures every employee contributes to the Island Events aim of 'providing event security and crowd management services to a standard which is unmatched by any other provider for all of our clients'.